The Jamberry Legacy

Jamberry was conceived in 2010 when three sisters, Lyndsey, Christy and Keri, were together for a girls’ day out. Realizing that a slow and expensive visit to the nail salon could be something much more, they came up with the idea for a line of do-it-yourself nail wraps. Founded on the notion that styling your nails could do more than just look great, Jamberry entered the beauty sphere in early 2011 with a social selling business model. The founders believed that together, they could not only enrich their own lives but the lives of women everywhere.

From the beginning and as Jamberry has transformed into a global beauty brand, the goal has been to inspire and show women that it’s never too late to go after your dreams and that you truly can have it all.

Jamberry was acquired by M.Global in the summer of 2018.